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New Build Development

This new development on an open piece of land will form a modern 2 bedroom dwelling with the stunning views over-looking the lake. Materials have been specially chosen for this project to complete this modern, sophisticated design. The new dwelling and garage will be powered by a Tesla power pack fitted in the garage, and a new blanket system designed to take heat from the bottom of the lake.

Wickham Bishops

Rear Extension, Loft Conversion & Internal Alterations

This project will look to increase the footprint massively by achieving a large rear extension opening up the whole back end of the property to overlook a beautiful back garden. Once completed this will finish a brilliant stage of works gaining all natural light elements through clever design.


New Build

New Build 3 bed detached house with stunning views will be a perfect home once complete. The rear of this property will be opened up with glass features, big doors and open designs to maximise the view of the River Crouch.


Demo & New Build

This previous dwelling had planning permission for a complete demo and new build. This new build will bring much more character to the land and will aim to modernise this dwelling. Having the option to completely design a house from scratch has many benefits which this family have achieved.


2 Storey Rear Extension

This part 2 storey rear extension will include a roof lantern to allow light into the ground floor, while allowing practical space on the 2nd floor for a much larger bedroom. The goal is create a larger kitchen/diner area on the ground floor to give a more open feel to the property.


2 Storey Side Extension & Ground Floor Rear Extension

The existing garage will be demolished and re-built as part of the house, with a new ground floor layout to open and maximise the footprint.

Stifford Clays

Rear and Side Ground Floor Extension

Both the side and rear extension will enhance the footprint of this dwelling quite significantly. Once completed, the ground floor will contain everything required to live comfortably in without the need to go upstairs. The living area will be complete with velux windows and bi-fold doors for maximum light.

Langdon Hills

Part 2 Storey, Part Single Storey Rear Extension

Rear two story and single storey extension, including large bifold doors, and modern roof lantern. Creating a large open kitchen dining area on the ground floor and large master bedroom on the 1st floor.


Part 2, part single storey Side, & Part 2, part single storey rear extension.

This large alteration will not only increase the footprint dramatically, but will also open the ground floor living space to create a large, open, friendly space.

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