New Builds

Being connected to the #OneStopPropertyShop, we have instant access to designers, engineers, quantity surveyors and skilled trades. This speeds up every area of every job and gives you flexibility to ensure satisfaction with your project.

We provide a 1 to 1 management from start to finish, while insuring you for the next 10 years. We understand this can be the biggest investment you ever make, so we manage with care, as if it were our own. While being teamed up with a design and architecture group, Design Spec Ltd, we ensure you get the most out of your money, both for your peace of mind and wallet!

What Is The Cost?

The cost of a new build can vary dramatically from job to job.
We always start with an estimate build cost based on supplied new-build plans and structural calculations. From these, we work with our clients to tailor their personalised quotation to their budget and specification.

With all building works, we always recommend getting a free quote from us so you know how much your project will cost. simply fill in the form below to arrange the first step in getting your new home.

What Is The Procedure?

We always recommend starting with a free meeting and quote. From this we can tell you how much your job will cost, and with the help of a design team, even tell you the best options for getting the most of your money.

However, once you have adequate drawings and planning has been approved then it is a case of getting a builder in to start works. Works are always best started with an architecture company. We work closely with Design Spec, which enables us the ability to offer a  'design and build' package in which we both come out, and take care of everything for you.

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